Saturday, 6 April 2013

April update.....

Well, so much for trying to add something to the blog each month!  I managed to keep it up for a few months but got a bit behind lately.   Here's a bit of an update.

Waterloo Bridge

Oil on board 8" x 8" 2012

This is one from  last year which I sold in the early part of the year.  It was only a few weeks after I'd sold it that I realized I'd forgotten to take a picture of it so managed to get its new owners to bring it in so I could take a photo of it.   I was pleased with this one and it was really nice to see it again but glad its found a new home!   It was painted from photos I took on Waterloo bridge a wile back.

Boats at Richmond

Oil on board 12" x 10" 

I painted these two back in March on a trip to Richmond with members of the Plein Air Society.   We had a lovely bright and cold day and it was a great opportunity to meet other artists interested in working out doors.   

Boats and boat house.

Oil on board 8" x 10"