Tuesday, 31 December 2013

About Blogs and Bloging

As I've had a bit of time lately I thought I would slightly alter the appearance of my blog and I've given it a plain grey background which I think ties in nicely with the look of my website.  I've also started the list of blogs and websites on the right hand side here and I thought I would take the opportunity to mention  a few of the blogs I have a look at on a fairly regular basis which I've got interested in over the last couple of years and which got me interested in starting this blog.    Most of these I've only really discovered through looking at art blogs and more recently a few others discovered through facebook.  


I've worked with the Griffin Art  group based in Danbury for a number of years now (I really can't remember exactly when we started out but its always been a pleasure to meet up 3 or 4 times a year with them and this was the first art blog I came across.


I discovered Adebanji's blog through his website address which I saw in an art magazine  and it was like opening up and Aladins cave of interesting articles both about Adebanji's but also lots of interesting links to other web sites and blogs of other artists and organisations.   Here's a few:


Making a mark is a fantastic blog written by Katherine Tyrrell.  As she say's at the beginning of her blog she "writes about art for artists and art lovers on her top art blog" and it really is a fantastic resource.

Olha Pryymak is an artist whose work I've enjoyed following for the last couple of years.

There's a few artists whose work I enjoy seeing on this site which changes on a daily basis and this was one of the sites I got interested in which displays work by artists who paint mainly small paintings on a daily basis and post them to the site each day.

I love to have a look at this blog from time to time which displays the work of sketching correspondent's around the world who post there sketches of urban environments all drawn directly in front of the subject.  There's also a  link on the blog to a flickr page with a wider pool of artists which I've occasionally contributed to.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Southchurch Hall

Southchurch Hall - Watercolour 4" x 6 "

As it is such a lovely sunny day today I accompanied my wife on her daily walk over to Southchurch Hall Gardens which is just over the road from where we live.  Red has been walking there most days since the summer to gradually building up her stamina since her heart attack in August and I'm pleased to say she is gradually making a bit of progress.   I've broken my leg at the moment and I  can't walk far on crutches or carry much either so for this one I chose to work in water colours postcard size.    Water colours are not my strong point but I feel like I should persist with them! I did enjoy the experience though and used a small vintage reeves box which one of my students gave me recently, a small postcard block which came  free with discover art magazine and a couple of brush pens.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Recent sketches....

Here's a couple of sketches I've done in over the last week or so.
Mug and a couple of tubes of paint. A5 Sketchbook
I've been working on a very detailed commission for the last couple of weeks comprising of a  painting and four little ink and wash drawings.  This drawing was a bit of relaxation time from my efforts. The  little still life which arranged its self in the corner of my sofa which has become my make shift studio since I broke my leg three weeks ago.  I rather liked the way the label was peeling of the Jacksons white oil paint tube and overlapping the Windsor and Newton Alizarin.

Waiting Room - Fracture Clinic Southend Hospital. A4 Sketchbook
The NHS 111 service advised me to go to the doctors after I'd had cramp in my calf muscle for 4 days in the leg that I've broken so this little sketch which I'm assuming was Father and two sons was done about 8am in the morning waiting to see the out of hours doctors. 

At the Nosh Café - New Southend Library.
After popping to Frame it to drop of  a painting to be framed we decided to try the new Café in the new library for a coffee.  This woman was sitting opposite me absorbed in her phone.  So I set to sketching her as soon as I sat down.  She had a lovely bright green suit on and I immediately liked all those repeated rhythms within the composition. the echoed curves through the back of the chair, the circular window design and then just as a bonus as soon as she had left a van pulled up with a curved  shape it's side as well!