Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Thorpe Bay Beach

Today's little painting outing took me to Thorpe Bay Beach.   I was intending to just sketch out the main shapes ready for a sunrise visit another day but I rather liked what I saw and decided to crack on with the view anyway.   It's painted in Acrylics as I wanted to get a bit of practice in ahead of a demo I've got coming up as I rarely use acrylics in my own work.   I'll take a better photo another day and I think I will work a little more on the beach but as the light was fading it was time to stop.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Yippee Snow!

Hadleigh Castle - Oil on board 10"x10"

I was so exited this morning as last night it snowed here in sunny Essex!  I think the last time I can remember us having any proper snow was in 2013.   It didn't stick around for long but thankfully co-incided with me having a painting morning.   This was the second of my sketchy paintings.  I've never seen Hadleigh Castle in the snow so I was keen to take a peak!