Friday, 28 April 2017

Pastel demo

Here's a pastel I did last night as a demo for the Malling art group. I was fairly pleased with it as I don't often use pastels and this was only the second one I've done as a demo.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Blossom tree's.

After finishing first little painting I then made a start on this one from the other direction.

Blossom tree's Westcliff parade.

I went back to Westcliff parade this morning to finish this one.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Osbournes Old Leigh High Street

Osbornes Old Leigh
Oil on board 12" x 16"

I very nearly finished this painting yesterday afternoon except for a couple of details like a bit of lettering on the sign that need tickling into shape.   Last year I got into the habit of sketching before teaching my classes on a Wednesday morning.   This year I thought I'd try and get into some early morning painting,   It was raining to start with and the light was so flat though that I managed to carry on in the afternoon.    I've fancied painting this view for a wile now.   A couple of years ago I  painted this one from the spot about where the bin lorry is but looking the other way and on a sunny day.

Friday, 17 February 2017

A bit more of Paint Out Norwich

River Wensom 
Oil on board 10" x 12"

Here's a couple more paintings from way back in October that I painted on my second day at Paint Out Norwich.  I've got some of these up at the moment at Milly's Deli in Leigh Road.    I started my second day with a stroll down the river Wensom and the intention of not taking on too much as I'd been a bit pushed to get my painting completed in the three hours allowed on the first day.

Abbots Bridge 
12" x 16" Oil on board

After completing my river picture I wondered on a bit further and came across Abbots Bridge which I'd spotted a couple of days before and thought would make a great subject.   I loved the way the light was catching the bridge at the time and the different textures of the stonework.   The painter on the bridge was Tanya Pawsey who painted a lovely view looking down the river.

River Wensom from a Canoe
10" x 12"

On the other side of  Bishops Bridge was the Red Lion pub with pub and paddle canoes that Paint Out Norwich had organised for the event.    I wondered over for a closer look decided to give it a go! I've never painted afloat before and the rather rough looking painting above was my effort for the afternoon.   A great experience all the same but rather difficult to paint with the canoe drifting around!    Here's my set up and a local on lookers.

Sunset Norwich 
8" x 8" 

The day ended with a climb up to the castle were Jerome Hunt and I had a go at painting the sunset which we just about manged before the castle security started to lock up the gates.