Friday, 25 January 2013

Snow time!

My first experience of going out and painting snow! I've fancied getting out and painting the snow for a wile now.   On Saturday we had the lightest of dusting's with a forecast of more to come so I decided to make a start and chose Southchurch hall which is very close to my home and there fore I figured the warmth.  
This was how the painting looked at the end of the first session on Saturday.  

By Sunday mid morning the scene had transformed to this so I ended up re-painting the roof and grass areas and adding the figures that were playing in that area.
Oil on board 8" x 12"

 Probably more of a souvenir piece in the end as the roof and grass looked a bit like the icing on a Christmas cake with so much thick paint on it covering the wet paint underneath which was difficult to cover.

I was much happier though with my second attempt at painting snow which I painted on Monday. I started of by cycling along the sea front and taking photos then finally stopped by some of the palm trees in Westcliff.   They take quite a battering really and I love seeing them in different times of the day and different seasons as I travel up and down the seafront on the way to my various teaching jobs.

This is how the completed painting looked.
Oil on board 10" x 12"

At one point I a chap asked if it was OK to take a photo of me painting.  Two days later I got a text from my student, Jan saying that she'd just see a picture of me painting in the evening echo!
(photo by Simon Murdock)


  1. Morning Paul.
    Lovely painting mate. Also I like the painting of the Palm tree`s. Well done for braving the Weather. All the best.