Sunday, 2 March 2014

The models apprentice!

Here's my offerings from our Friday evening  life drawing session at the community centre this week. This week our model asked if her friend could model too which made for a really interesting session.   I've never tried or really had the opportunity to paint two models at the same time before.   Above are my 1 minute warm up sketches. and below  30min sketches in Oils.   I must say I usually find it a real challenge to just get enough paint on the board for one model in 30 min let alone two and as you can see I only really managed it on the second study.

This third one made for a lovely pose with the models back to back but unfortunately only managed to get a couple of marks in for the model in the background in the last minute.  I'm going to have to cut some longer boards as well as I really can't work small in a hurry!


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