Saturday, 18 October 2014

A Paintings Progress....

Here's how I got on painting outside the Gallery this afternoon.   I occasionally start of a painting with good intentions of recording the process as I go and then as I get into it I get so absorbed that I forget to take the photos but today I managed at least a few.   I'm not sure how others go about painting street scenes but this seems to be the approach I've developed for myself so far...

I often start of by sketching out the basic composition with a pastel pencil.   I like to use these as they are relatively quick and I can make adjustments easily,  plus if the whole composition looks wrong the whole lot will wipe out in an instant.  I tend to pick a colour and tone that I think won't be to obtrusive when I start to add paint.

Sky and a couple of buildings in the distance then I remembered that it would probably be easier if I worked from left to right to save smudging bit I'd just painted.

I didn't manage to get these two uni-cyclists in so a snap had to suffice.  They even managed to film each other on their way back!

You'rs truly in action,  Thanks to Anna for taking this shot of me.

And this was more or less how far I got by the end of the afternoon until the rain started and as I'd forgotten to bring an umbrella and couldn't get anymore paint to stick to the wet board I called it a day.   I'll have to pop back another day or finish from one of my photos.

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  1. Hi Paul.
    Nice one so far. That is how I start a painting, but I do the drawing with a brush and Oil paint. All the best Paul.