Sunday, 12 February 2017

Art at Milly's - Paint Out Norwich.

Elm Hill  Oil on board 16" x 12"  £225

Over the last few years I've been showing my work at Milly's Deli in Leigh Road, which has also been my venue for the Leigh Art Trail since 2009.   

I swap the work around on a fairly regular basis and this time I thought I'd show a few of my paintings from  Paint Out Norwich for the next few weeks.

Paint Out Norwich is a plein air painting competition I took part in last October.    

The rules were that we should paint for a maximum of 3 hours, work directly from the subject and not use photographs.   
Elm Hill was painted on the first day of the competition and was a real struggle to get finished in the time.   I defiantly took to much on with this one for the time I had!

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