Thursday, 31 May 2012

Boat Studies for The Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant

The largest Thames river pagent in 350 years will be taking place on Sunday 3rd June as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. 
·     As part of their live coverage of the event between 1:30pm – 6pm the BBC have asked twenty artists to paint from Millennium Bridge and I'm really thrilled to be one of the artists they've asked to take part.  There will be a mixture of styles and ages and the programme will be presented by Anneka Rice.   I went up to London on Monday and painted these two images as a bit of practice for myself as I've never tried painting boats on the move before!


  1. Hi Paul, I'm also going to be on the bridge painting on Sunday! Well done you for getting some practise in! It's so exciting isn't it?! Look forward to meeting you there!

  2. Thank's Haidee. I look forward to meeting you too. I enjoyed seeing your work in the last saa magazine.