Monday, 4 June 2012

Here's my painting of the Thames Pageant painted from Millennium Bridge yesterday.   I had a great time on the Bridge in spite of the weather.   I was reasonably happy with what I produced on the day and painting in the pouring rain and cold was definitely a new challenge and experience for me.   My original plan was to  under paint with acrylics which I'd tried on Monday with my two practise pieces and then once that had dried work with my oils.   I did try a little bit of acrylics but they just weren't going to dry so I stuck to the oils through out after that.   I rather liked the wide view of the bridge with the boats coming through but unfortunately they were in the top half of the canvas leaving it a bit empty in the bottom.    I did think I might crop and re-stretching it but I'll probably just do a few remedial repairs where the paint hasn't stuck properly because of the rain and keep it as a souvenir piece.   I may do a wider shallower version from this one and the photos I took but at the moment I'm more interested in developing some sketches from photo's which I've started today of some of the people on the bridge.   The weather forecast had been for rain in the afternoon and  it was pretty much bang on!  I'd remembered the weather channel saying 1/2 inch of rain would fall and by the end of the day when I emptied my plastic pot with clean brushes in there was at least 1/2 inch in there!  

Here's a few photo's from the day.....


  1. You did a great job with your painting Paul, hats off to you! You stuck it out right to the end! Great photos too! It was lovely to meet you :-)