Friday, 14 September 2012

Hockley woods

Woodlands tea stall at Hockley Woods
Acrylic on board 8" x 10"
I started on this one this morning as I was waiting for my students to turn up at our on location class.    After having a little wonder around first thing and selecting a few possible views of the woods I noticed  this tea stall out of the corner of my eye.   I liked the light and the way the trees framed the view of the tables and people so I made a start then added bits throughout the morning.   This is the second acrylic I've tried recently and as it was a bit cooler I managed to get a bit more paint on the board before they dryed which was the problem I had last week.    There were a few figures sitting at the tables when I started which was part of the appeal so I'll need to add them either from memory or photos I took at the time.

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