Friday, 21 September 2012

Shoebury common

Shoebury Common

Oil on board 10" x 12"
This was a quick study really which I painted this morning before my students arrived for the last of our ourdoor workshops.  I'd borrowed a Ken Howard video and watched bits of it the night before and was interested in how he seemed to establish a bit of all the tones in his painting quite early on and also in how much warmth he seemed to see looking into the sun and that he only painted for up to 2 hours in a session.   Well today was quite a soft day light wise.  The rather  rushed structures on the left are supposed to be beach huts and I was very supprised to see a rabbit walk round the corner of one of them!


  1. I really like this Paul! Funnily enough I've been painting beach huts this week, on the left hand side as yours are! I'm painting it in the studio from a half finished plein air study that I did in Sutton-on-sea in February. Also can't believe how organised you must be having time to paint before a workshop starts! :-)

  2. Thanks Haidee, I really enjoyed painting it and was pleased with it at the time but not sure when I got home. I'd like to go back thought and have another go at the beach huts thought as I've only ever painted them from photos before. Times been a bit tight lately due to balancing work with home repairs so if I've got to my classes early enough thats tended to be my painting time!