Sunday, 29 December 2013

Southchurch Hall

Southchurch Hall - Watercolour 4" x 6 "

As it is such a lovely sunny day today I accompanied my wife on her daily walk over to Southchurch Hall Gardens which is just over the road from where we live.  Red has been walking there most days since the summer to gradually building up her stamina since her heart attack in August and I'm pleased to say she is gradually making a bit of progress.   I've broken my leg at the moment and I  can't walk far on crutches or carry much either so for this one I chose to work in water colours postcard size.    Water colours are not my strong point but I feel like I should persist with them! I did enjoy the experience though and used a small vintage reeves box which one of my students gave me recently, a small postcard block which came  free with discover art magazine and a couple of brush pens.


  1. Paul, a lovely painting. Sorry to hear about your wife, and you leg. All the best Paul.