Sunday, 22 December 2013

Recent sketches....

Here's a couple of sketches I've done in over the last week or so.
Mug and a couple of tubes of paint. A5 Sketchbook
I've been working on a very detailed commission for the last couple of weeks comprising of a  painting and four little ink and wash drawings.  This drawing was a bit of relaxation time from my efforts. The  little still life which arranged its self in the corner of my sofa which has become my make shift studio since I broke my leg three weeks ago.  I rather liked the way the label was peeling of the Jacksons white oil paint tube and overlapping the Windsor and Newton Alizarin.

Waiting Room - Fracture Clinic Southend Hospital. A4 Sketchbook
The NHS 111 service advised me to go to the doctors after I'd had cramp in my calf muscle for 4 days in the leg that I've broken so this little sketch which I'm assuming was Father and two sons was done about 8am in the morning waiting to see the out of hours doctors. 

At the Nosh Café - New Southend Library.
After popping to Frame it to drop of  a painting to be framed we decided to try the new Café in the new library for a coffee.  This woman was sitting opposite me absorbed in her phone.  So I set to sketching her as soon as I sat down.  She had a lovely bright green suit on and I immediately liked all those repeated rhythms within the composition. the echoed curves through the back of the chair, the circular window design and then just as a bonus as soon as she had left a van pulled up with a curved  shape it's side as well!

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