Sunday, 19 January 2014

London Gateway Commission - sketches

London Gateway Sketches
4 @ A5 Line and wash images created from photos  by Andrew Bowen.
The team at London Gateway wanted four "sketches" to accompany the painting I wrote about last week.  They asked me to base my sketches on photos they supplied by Andrew Bowen.     In the end I thought the best way to work the sketches would be to use line and water colour wash.   When sketching I usually use fine liner  and Tom Bow wash pens but as the latter aren't light fast I thought it would be better to use watercolours instead.  
 The images to follow show the process of how I went about creating them.

I normally go straight in with fine liner pens but as these images were all very complicated and all needed to fit into an  A5 format I decided I'd better approach them more as small paintings.   I started by drawing an  A5 border within my sketch book and gridded up the photos and then marked the grid points on the edges of the A5 sketch borders.   I then sketched out all the main features in pencil. You can see some of this showing in places in the above drawing where I've started to add pen line work.

Line work completed and now ready to add the watercolour wash.

This image shows the pencil under drawing and below with the fine liner pen work  added and the pencil work erased.


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