Thursday, 9 January 2014

Rayleigh Millenium clock and the high street


Rayleigh Millennium Clock and High Street
12" x 10" Oil on Board
I put a few finishing touches to this one a few days ago from memory.   Mostly working on the  figures and the foreground area.

I developed this one over the summer by painting in  20 min bursts at the end of my lunch breaks on Tuesdays.  I can't really remember exactly how many sessions it took but it was quite a few.   I think one problem with working in this way was that I found it difficult to get into the flow when I had to keep stopping and starting so I will probably just stick to quicker sketches with my pens as I find them more satisfying and then work on the paintings during longer painting sessions.  


  1. Hi Paul.
    I like the finished painting Paul, Very striking and definite. All the best.