Friday, 6 July 2012

Essex Open - Plum cottage

Plum Cottage - Oil on board 20cm x 20cm

I'm off to the private view of the Essex Open exhibition in a minute as I managed to get my painting of Plum cottage selected.     I had a great time painting this last year over a couple of lovely sunny afternoons in Old Leigh.   I'd seen these nets in front of the cottage a few days before and loved the juxtapostion of bright colours and textures against the black and white of the cottage.   The fisherman who owned them came up and told me that his boat was being worked on and that that was why they were there but thinking about it I think they are still there a year on but in a slightly different position. 

Freya - Oil on board 20cm x 25cm

I compleated this painting of Freya this week.  I did most of it one morning a couple of weeks ago but when I got it home to the studio there were a couple of things I weren't quite sure about so I took it back with me this week, had another look and made a couple of alterations.  I was hoping to go back to leigh today to work on a couple of others but as it rained most of the day it wasn't to be!

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