Sunday, 29 July 2012

Paintings from the last couple of weeks

Endeavour at Old Leigh - Oil on board 8" x 10"

I went back and added the finishing touches to this one last week.  I painted it over 3 early morning sessions before my Wednesday class started in old Leigh over the last few weeks.   Some weeks the tide was in so I wasn't able to continue then.  When I went back the last time I had to squeeze my self past a large digger that was sitting in my painting spot and waiting to unload the cockle boats when they returned on the high tide.

Lyndon in the estuary - Oil on board 8" x 6"

Painted during a trip to the beach last weekend with my son Lyndon.   I decided to paint the view out over the estuary as I wanted to keeping an eye him and make sure he didn't drift out to sea on his body board!    After a wile he gave up on the body board and that was the point when I decided to pop him into my painting.

The new flats on King's Road - Oil on board 6"x6"

I was really pleased to get this one completed last week.  It's probably one of the smallest oils I've painted with this much detail and information in it.   It's the view from the window of the Westcliff united reform church where I hold my art classes on Thursdays.   Over the last year the house which had been a care home has had the builders in and has been covered in scaffolding, the brickwork cleaned up and thoroughly renovated and made into flats.   It's taken me a wile to paint and when I started some bits were still boarded up, the trees were only just coming into leaf and the gate posts hadn't yet been created.  I've been painting before my classes starts if I've had any time left once I've set the room up.   Last year I discovered some of the daily painting sites on the Internet and artists  who paint a small new painting each day.   So I was wondering what I could do on a small scale.   I must admit I  found it very difficult to paint a subject like this with so much in it on such a small scale, and particularly as I'm getting older and my eyes won't  focus close up like they used to! 

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