Sunday, 1 July 2012

Hadleigh Castle and back to life!

Hadleigh Castle 6"x6" Oil on board

I've not got a lot to show for this week really but here's a little painting I started as a demo piece for my students during a drawing on location session at Hadleigh Castle on Friday and then finished it after they had gone.

Hadleigh Trees 8" x 10" Pastel 

This was the first piece I did which again started as a demonstration piece, this time in pastel and again was compleated after my students had gone.   I was fairly happy with it but not so happy with the greens so I may well see if I can rework them from memory.

These three little studies were done at the Friday evening life session.  They're all from approx 30 min poses and as you can see I really struggle to get anything compleated in that time!  They're all Oil on board 12" x 16". I was fairly happy with the first one and may well just try and finish our models legs from memory.   We had a new model which was great, I liked the pose and I always find it interesting to see what sort of poses people naturally adopt.

I struggled to get going with this one and I wasn't happy with the pose as it was a bit to similar to the previous one.

I really liked this pose but as you can see fatigue and fading light took its toll  as I could have done with getting a bit further on.   Halfway through I started I wish I'd ignored the head and just concentrated on the arms and legs as they made such a lovely arrangement of interlocking shapes rythems.

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