Saturday, 4 August 2012

Sandra's Sunbeam

Sandra's Sunbeam

Oil on board 12" x 10"

 I've been working on this one today and I think its about there although I  may think differently when I have another look at it tomorrow.     I started work on it on location a few weeks ago on a trip with Southend Art Club to the home of our clubs patrons.     As you can see I've simplified the scene by leaving out the house and really made it more of a portrait of the car.   I just thought it was such a fantastic opportunity to have a go at painting an old car like this.   It's a 1914 Sunbeam complete with wooden spokes!

I painted it using my paint box as I only had the minimum of kit due to lack on car and needing to strap everything to my bicycle.   This is how it looked at the end of the session when I got it home after working on it for about three or four hours.

I carried on working on it today in the studio from  photos on my laptop.   My printer has gone wrong so this meant I had to rig up this drape to cut down on reflections on the laptop screen.

As you can see below I tend to work from top to bottom and left to write to save smudging the bits I've just painted.  You can just see a bit of the drawing showing through in orange which I sketched out breifly in pastel pencil to make sure everything was going to fit in.  Sometimes I do this and othertimes I just go straight in with the paint.

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